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Win California Lottery Scratchers By
Increasing Your Odds Up To 40X!

Find out which CA Lottery scratch-off ticket games
have the best odds of winning.

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Give Yourself The Best Odds Of Winning
Before You Buy Your Next Ticket

The easiest way to increase your chance of winning a scratch-off lottery ticket jackpot is knowing which games offer the best jackpot odds before you buy a ticket. Choosing the right game can boost your odds of hitting a jackpot up to 40X or more!

Many scratch-off lottery ticket players make the mistake of playing the game with the most remaining jackpots. This simplistic approach doesn't improve your odds of winning and may actually lead to poorer odds.

The game with the most jackpots available doesn't mean it has the best jackpot odds. A game with only 2 available jackpots may have better odds of winning the jackpot than another game with 10 jackpots remaining. It all depends on how many total tickets are still outstanding. The game with 2 jackpots remaining may only have 20,000 tickets outstanding while the game with 10 jackpots remaining may have 1,000,000 tickets outstanding. In this case, the game with only 2 jackpots has 10X better odds (1:10,000) compared to the game with 10 jackpots (1:100,000).

Differences in jackpot odds can vary widely even among games with the same price and top prize. We've seen spreads as wide as 40X, 50X and even 60X! Our daily analysis of such factors as the total number of tickets printed, ticket outstanding remaining prizes, and more directs you to the scratch-off lottery ticket games with the best odds of hitting the jackpot!

Increase The Payback On Your Playing Dollar

By selecting games with the highest payback, you boost the return on your betting dollar which is critical to any gambling strategy, whether it's scratch-off lottery tickets, slot-machines, poker or sports betting.

Determining which tickets to play isn't as simple as checking the general odds of winning for each game. Since the general odds include free tickets and small break-even prizes, the game with best general odds doesn't necessarily offer the highest payback. And unlike general odds, which are stable over the life of a scratch-off ticket game, the payback can change daily depending on the number of larger prizes still available. Some game even reach a point of having over a 100% total prize payback if one or more large prizes are still available after the majority of tickets have already been sold.

By directing you to the games with the highest payback, a subscription to can pay for itself. If you play as little as $20 a week on scratch-off tickets, a boost of just 10% in the payback on your playing dollar makes a subscription to WinAtTheLottery pay for itself and return more of your betting dollars while giving you the best odds of hitting the jackpot!

Avoid Phantom Jackpots

Our daily updated list of games with no remaining jackpots available prevents you from wasting money chasing phantom jackpots you have zero chance of winning.

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